Riccione - Rimini  

Rimini has a rich historical and artistic heritage with important examples of architecture dating back to Roman age. 
This richness is the result of the succession of various civilizations, dominations and historical events: it was an Etruscan and Celtic city and an imperial Roman city during 268 B.C., at the time of Augustus when it was endowed with splendid monuments. 
During the Renaissance, it was the capital of the Malatesta dominions and knew the splendour of a magnificent court thanks to the most famous italian artists, painters and sculptors of the period.

Federico Fellini is one of the greatest directors in film history. He made famous in the world people, places and atmospheres of Rimini through his films.
The most famous films include: Amarcord (1973) and La Dolce Vita (1960)
The international airport of Rimini - San Marino is named "Federico Fellini" 

Riccione, the most famous seaside resorts of the Adriatic, is a city where fashion trend,
elegance, lively atmosphere and pleasure of life conquer visitors.
The origins of the first settlements in Riccione are distant in time, as the oldest archaeological finds
on this territory they are dated to the second century BC
But it seems that the territory had earlier hosted the community, as evidenced by the city museum of the territory.
The location along the Via Flaminia contributes to the development of the Roman settlement of Riccione.

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